To keep your cat pet happy, clean and healthy, you need to groom your cat properly. As you might be aware by now, cats always groom themselves hence cat grooming is the simplest task that you can perform. Cats groom themselves daily to remove dead and falling hair and any dirt that might be on the surface of their fur. By grooming your cat, you help your cat to remove the extra old and fallen hair as well as to stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair.

As you read through this article, you will learn the different ways that a pet groomer will groom your cat and also when to groom your pet. You will also learn what to expect when a pet groomer bathes, trim, wash, rinse, drying, ear and eye cleaning, combing and shaving your cat.

Trimming Of Front And Back Claws

An essential part of cat grooming is nail trimming. When you are trimming the nails of your cat, you need to be very cautious. When you are clipping the claws of your cat, you should apply some gentle pressure to the top of the foot and the underneath pad of your cat’s leg.

The reason as to why you should apply some pressure to the foot of your cat is to cause your cat to extend its claws so that you can be able to cut them without injuring your cat’s foot.

When you are trimming the claws of your cat, cut the nails either on the front or back leg where they begin to curl.

However, ensure that you use the right claws cutter to trim the claws so that you avoid injuring or cutting the tiny veins that run into the claws of your cat.

Bathing With Water

Before you bathe your cat, ensure that you brush your cat first so as to remove any excess fur and dirt particles.

Use some cotton wools in the ears of your cat to prevent water from entering your cat’s ears.

Wash With A High-end Degreasing Shampoo

While washing your cat, you can use a special cat shampoo. Start by wetting your cat’s hair with warm water. Once your pet is wet, apply the shampoo and gently massage the fur. If your cat is very dirty, you can apply the shampoo twice.

Once you are done with shampooing your cat, next, rinse the whole body of your cat and ensure that you have removed all the shampoo from the cat’s hair.

Immediate Towel Wrap

As soon as you finish rinsing the shampoo from your cat, wrap your cat in a towel so as to prevent your cat from getting cold.

Cleaning The Ears

You should make it a routine to clean the ears of your cat on a regular basis using cotton wool and alcohol. To get rid of all the wax and other dirt particles that have accumulated in the ears of your cat, use a cotton swab that is dipped in a mild alcohol solution. However, you should take care not to clean deeper in the ears than you can be able to see because you might damage the ear drum of your cat hence causing hearing problems to your cat.

Area Around Eyes

The eyes of a healthy and well taken care of cat should be clear and bright. Sometimes, the cat’s eyes can get runny which will lead to the formation of the crust which if not properly cleaned may lead to eye infection of your cat.

You can clean the tear ducts of your cat’s eyes using cotton balls and saline solution. Taking one eye at a time, dip the cotton ball in the saline solution and gently wipe the encrusted part of your cat’s eye. Work on one eye until all the crust is done and do the same to the other eye.


Remember, proper drying of your pet after bathing is essential especially if your cat has a long hair. Well, there are specially made blowers for cat drying after washing. The best cat blower blows large volumes of air at high speed.

Blow drying your cat will go a long way to help straighten the hair of your cat, detangle any matted hair, blow away any old loose fur.

Minor De-tangling

If you want your cat’s hair to look and remain healthy always, then you need to groom your cat at home regularly. Regular grooming of your cat will help to prevent the formation of mats. You can help avoid the formation of mats of your cat’s fur by regularly brushing the fur of your cat.

If the mats are too tangled for you to handle, seek professional help at the pet groomers or engage a professional home cat groomer.

Full Comb-out

Brush your cat gently from head to tail using gentle and short strokes using a comb so as to remove any knots. However, ensure that you do not pull the comb because it will hurt your cat.

Use a brush to fluff off any old fur starting from the head, the back working all the way to the tail.


If you must shave your cat’s fur, then ensure that it is done before washing it, and then drying either with the towel or blower. Sometimes, shaving is good for your cat especially if its fur is matted or the cat is suffering from skin diseases. Shaving will allow easy access for the medication to cure the skin and ease any itch.

It is important for you to note that when you are grooming your cat, be sure that your cat is comfortable with your grooming. Whenever you want to groom your cat, approach it in a friendly manner and during the grooming session, gently sweet talk your cat in a reassuring tone so that your cat will know that you have the best of its interest at heart.

During the grooming session, whether brushing or shaving or washing, do not force your cat to assume some uncomfortable positions. If your cat starts to fight in the middle of the grooming session; stop and divide the sessions into segments so that your cat can have the best grooming experience.