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As a pet owner, we are pretty sure that most of us often dread to bring our pets for grooming. Travelling and waiting can already take up half of the day then there goes our only off day!

Another problem is we could not find a suitable groomer for our dogs as it will either be the groomer is rough in handling our dog or the cut is bad. (I don’t think anyone would like to see their pets being rough handled ya?) So we have decided to pick up professional grooming courses to groom our own pets.

After gaining some experience for working for a few pet salons. Rather than starting a pet salon, we have decided to do things a bit differently. We want to solve the problem that we have faced previously, which is traveling hassle and finding a professional and gentle groomer.

Therefore, all our groomers have a common vision that we treat every animal like how we want our pets to be treated when being groomed.

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