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As a pet owner, we are pretty sure that most of us often dread to bring our pets for grooming. Travelling and waiting can already take up half of the day then there goes our only off day!
Another problem is we could not find a suitable groomer for our dogs as it will either be the groomer is rough in handling our dog or the cut is bad. (I don’t think anyone would like to see their pets being rough handled ya?) So we have decided to pick up professional grooming courses to groom our own pets.

After gaining some experience for working for a few pet salons. Rather than starting a pet salon, we have decided to do things a bit differently. We want to solve the problem that we have faced previously, which is traveling hassle and finding a professional and gentle groomer.

Therefore, all our groomers have a common vision that we treat every animal like how we want our pets to be treated when being groomed.

Certified Groomers

Meet Our Team


Pet Stylist/Groomer

  • Certified Since 2012
  • Awarded Class C Qualification with Singapore Kennel Club.


Pet Stylist/Groomer

  • Certified Since 2018
  • Awarded Class C Qualification with Lovely Pet Care Grooming Academy.


Pet Stylist/Groomer

  • Certified International Society Of Feline Cosmetologists (ISFC)
  • Participated in Equipping Class on Show Conformatio Ragdoll Grooming
  • Attended CAT-UCATION’S Conference and Equipping Class
  • Cat show grooming techniques and teddy bear trim
  • Pet first aid and common cat emergencies

What Happy Pet Owners Say

Based on 362 reviews
Louis has been our 2 years old dog- Jedi’s groomer since he is a 6 months old. Jedi is never stressed out during the grooming process as Louis handles Jedi with care & patience. What impressed us was how meticulous he is when grooming Jedi, he has never rush through the process but taking his time to ensure Jedi is beautifully groomed. Louis is not only trustworthy but he is also a very personable person who takes pride in his work.
I’m glad that I chanced upon the advertisement for Likeable Pets. Chelsea was assigned to me for my first home call; she was on time, gentle, careful and prescriptive. She ran her fingers over my ragamuffin’s matted fur and trimmed them carefully. Through her trim, I was able to see her experience and how she takes pride with work.
Louis from Likeable pets has been doing an excellent job with my furkid’s monthly grooming. Patient and gentle and always punctual. Highly recommended
Engaged Likeable Pets for the first time as we recently moved into our new house and became too far from our regular groomer. We thought it was good to have grooming done at home for the convenience and comfort of our dog.Louis was the groomer for our dog Chewie. He was really patient and gentle with Chewie even though she is usually wary of new people at home. Despite her barking at him when he came into the house, he took some time to let her get to know him.Will definitely engage Likeable Pets again for the next round of grooming! Hopefully Chewie barks less then🤭
Chelsea is simply Awesome ! definately will get her and use Likeable pets only!
Awesome experience with Likeable Pets. I booked an at-home grooming session with my poor matted ragdoll (sorry Luna!) and found the process so smooth and easy. Luna’s groomer Chelsea was gentle and patient. She took her time to make sure she properly cleaned and neatly groomed Luna, all the while making sure that Luna was comfortable and well taken care of. Chelsea also cleaned up well after the session so it was fuss-free for me. Highly recommend Likeable Pets and Chelsea!
My dog absolutely likes Louis! Louis has been grooming my dog since puppyhood. She is a bit timid and tamed but Louis is always very patient and gentle to her and has never rushed through the whole grooming session. His styling skills are excellent! My dog always looks so fresh and different after each grooming session
Engaged Likeable Pets (LP) for home grooming service, with Chelsea as the groomer for our 5-year old cat. Communication via WA with LP is fast and smooth.I cannot describe enough the professionalism displayed by Chelsea. She is very competent, patient and calm. She managed my cat, Hazel well, who is afraid of grooming and bathing, and does not like to be handled. Hazel is given loving pats and scratches when she twitches during the session.Thank you Chelsea for your warm personality and wonderful job done on Hazel… 😄
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