Teeth are an important part of a person’s body as it enables us to eat properly and improve our well-being. We keep our teeth clean and regularly checked by dentists to ensure that nothing is wrong with them. If there is something wrong with our teeth, we tend to lose our confidence and it affects our overall health.

Teeth is also an important part of making sure our pets remain healthy and free from any infections. However, most owners tend to overlook their pet’s teeth when they are grooming them and would often times remember it when your pet is already experiencing problems eating or opening their mouth.

Many Reasons Why Your Pet’s Dental Health Is Important

  • Stops the onset of gum disease
    Many pets – especially dogs – tend to develop gum diseases if their teeth are not regularly cleaned. The soft dental plaque would slowly build up on your pet’s gums and slowly harden. At the same time, bacteria would start growing in your pet’s gums and can cause infections around the bone surrounding your pet’s teeth. If the plaque is not removed or cleaned, it would cause your pet to have bad breath, bleeding or irritated gums, lose their appetite and even lose their teeth.
  • Stops the onset of other complications
    Aside from gum disease, the bacteria spreading on your pet’s tooth bone may find its way into your pet’s bloodstream and affect their heart, kidney and liver.
  • Good pet teeth health saves money
    Treating your pets with bad teeth health can be very costly, especially in the long term if the complications exist.
  • Prevents tooth complications caused by baby teeth
    Some pets do not lose their baby teeth as they grow older. However, as a result of this, these remaining baby teeth may trigger gum irritation and tartar buildup and cause infections.
  • Ensures your pet is in good condition
    Pets are very good at hiding their pain even if it’s already painful for them. Regularly checking their teeth would give you an idea if they need medications or a trip to the dentist.
  • Prevent your pet from misbehaving
    If pets are in pain, there is a possibility they would start misbehaving and destroy everything around them. When this happens, you may need to consider bringing them to a vet to check out their condition.

It is ideal that pet owners get their pet’s teeth cleaned yearly, with some saying it should be cleaned daily like how we take care of our own teeth. Special kinds of toothpaste with beef or poultry flavours are currently available in the market for pets and it is safe for them to swallow. Pet owners can also give their pets certain pet treats which can prevent bad breath and gum diseases.

It is also not advisable for pet owners to use large toothbrushes when brushing their pet’s teeth because it is too big for their mouths. Instead, using a small finger brush or a square gauze can help clean your pet’s teeth better. You can also wrap your pets in a towel and hold them close so they don’t move around when you brush their teeth.

A regular dental cleaning habit must also begin when your pet is in their younger years to enable them to get used to it. Cats can also be trained to get used to good dental cleaning in their younger days.

If you will be serving as your pet’s groomer and clean their teeth for the first time, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Start by putting a pea-size amount of toothpaste in your pet’s mouth and let them get used to its taste. When they do not react badly to it, immediately reward them for their good behaviour.
  • Increase the amount of toothpaste the next day and shower them with rewards if they behave. Increase the amount gradually every day.
  • When they get used to the feeling of having toothpaste in their mouth, put some toothpaste on a small toothbrush or finger brush then slowly brush your pet’s mouth. Reward them when they behave.
  • Move your way to your pet’s teeth and brush it gently. Focus on brushing the outer surface that is close to their lips and away from your pet’s gum line. Reward them accordingly when they behave.
  • Brush their teeth in a circular motion just like how you would brush your own teeth.
  • If your pet starts to misbehave during the teeth cleaning session, try using food or water additives or dental chews to help them relax.

If you do not have the time to clean your pet’s teeth, you can go to various pet grooming salons within Singapore to get it sorted out. Mobile pet grooming professional can clean your pet’s teeth for you and even sell Veterinary Oral Health Council-approved dental products for your pet.

If your pet is showing signs of oral problems, immediately take them to your pet’s dentist to get it checked up and cleaned. Most veterinary clinics in Singapore offer affordable dental cleaning services for your pets and even assist you in learning how to clean your pet’s teeth properly, as well as what products to use. They also sell VOHC-approved products for your pet and recommend which ones would work well for your pet’s condition. Make sure to also request an appointment before you head to the vet because you may need to get a longer consultation period for your pet’s needs.

Clean Means Healthy

As a pet owner, you are responsible for making sure your pet receives the love and care they deserve. Your pets can also feel pain and sickness, so you must make sure every part of their body is well taken care of. In terms of their teeth, it should always be monitored and maintained because failing to keep it clean even once can trigger immediate complications. When a complication arises, immediately seek the help of your pet’s dentist to get it sorted out.

Remember: A clean body equals a healthy body so take good care of your pets’ body, especially their teeth!