Like human hair, a pet’s coat is an important asset that must be maintained regularly. It is their crowning glory and allows them to stand out from the rest.

Unfortunately, just like human hair, pet hair or coat can be hard to manage depending on its length. Maintaining it is also another challenge that aspiring groomers such you, a new pet owner, would have to contend with because pets can be messy and hyperactive to keep their coat pristine.

It is also a problem for new pet owners to determine when they should brush their pet’s coat and how often it should be done.

To get you started with brushing your pet’s long coat, here are the things you should remember and the tips you can try out while grooming them:

Why Do You Need to Brush Your Pet’s Coat?

Aside from helping your pets look great, there are other reasons why you need to brush their coat regularly.

  • Removes loose hair

When your pet has a long coat, there is a tendency some of the hair would come loose. The loose hair could then land on carpets and furniture, which can be hard to clean. With regularly brushing, you can reduce the chances of these loose hair from going to your furniture.

  • Prevents fleas and other unwanted insects

If your pets often play under the sun or roll on dirt or grass, there is a possibility that they may attract fleas and other insects that can make their nest in the fur. Regular brushing can help you spot these insects from nesting in your pet’s fur and prevent them from infecting your dog with viruses and other problems.

  • Stops Mats and Tangles

Mats and tangles can cause discomfort to your pets and it can damage your pet’s coat if it is not remedied. Regular brushing can help mats and tangles from developing.

How Often Should Brushing be Done?

Now that you know the benefits of brushing to your pets, especially for those with long coats, it is time to determine how often you should brush them. If you have a long-haired dog, you need to brush them at least once a week to ensure mats and tangles do not form.

Of course, you can brush them daily if you have time. Ideally, if you want to keep your pet’s coat long, daily brushing is advised.

How to Brush Your Pet?

When brushing your long-haired dog, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Begin by giving your pet a bath to get rid of the extra dirt and possible tangles gently. After giving them a bath, make sure you dry them properly either by patting them dry or rubbing your towel on their body.
  • After they are dry enough, brushing down from the direction the coat grows and then away from their skin. This will make brushing comfortable for your pet and prevent possible injuries.
  • When you brush your pet’s coat, you need to be gentle in detangling the coat to prevent potential damage in their coat. Doing it aggressively would also cause your pets to be irritated and get annoyed when you groom them.
  • You can use pet-friendly beauty products to help you get rid of the tangles and keep the coats shiny. However, you need to make sure you ask your vet or your pet’s groomer if the product is safe for pets.

Other Tips?

Here are also some extra tips you can apply when brushing your pet’s long coat:

  • Research which brush or comb is perfect for your pet. There are a lot of brushes and combs on the market, but it may not be perfect for your pet’s coat. For long-haired pets, you can use a pin brush or a slicker brush. Using these brushes would reduce injury and damage to your pet’s skin and hair. It will also make it easier to collect any loose hair or fur. Combs should be used at the end of the brushing session so you can catch the stray fleas and ticks.
  • In order to get your dog to get used to brushing, train them while they are young because it can help your dog adjust. It would also help him get used to the attention you give him each time they need to be groomed.
  • Don’t forget to brush your pet’s beard, eyebrows and mustache because it can also get matted because of food and drinks.
  • When your pet has matured, you should brush or comb their coat at least every other day or daily to maintain its gloss.
  • As you groom your pet, you should be gentle and do it slowly so they won’t be against grooming. As you take it slowly, you can see the signs where they are comfortable and uncomfortable.

Busy to Groom your Pet’s Long Coat?

For those who do not have the time to groom your long-haired dogs, you can always go to any one of Singapore’s top pet grooming salons to give your pet a good grooming. They will give your pet the grooming they need and ensure their long coats are shiny and free from tangles. You can also call a mobile dog grooming professional like ours who can visit your pet in your home no matter where you are in Singapore.

However, if you want to do it yourself, you can ask your dog’s breeder or your professional dog groomer to give you tips on how you can groom your pets. They can even sell you the right grooming tools that would fit your pet’s needs.


Just like your hair, you need to allow sometime every day to give your pet a soothing brushing so they will feel comfortable with their coat and look pleasing every day. Take some time to brush your pet’s hair and use it as a bonding time to get to know your pet better and show them how much you love them.

We hope this guide helps you out with your pet brushing problem!