Cats are just like humans when it comes to grooming. Common myths like cat does not need grooming because they can groom themselves is absolutely wrong. There is always a need for grooming cats just like dogs. As we need to opt for grooming regularly your pet also need to be cared on a regular interval to stay in the best mood and health.

Cat grooming also creates and strengthens the relationship of the owner and the cat. As far as the regular grooming is concerned, you might not be familiar in how to properly groom your own cat, especially when it is the first time owning a cat, and that is why you can always hire a mobile cat groomer in Singapore.

Engaging a mobile cat grooming service (Likeable Pets) can assist you in a great way to groom your cat at the comfort of your home. There are many benefits when it comes to grooming your cat at your home.

We have listed 3 of the many benefits:

1. Convenience

Convenience is usually the main reason why more and more people are opting for mobile grooming for their cats. Travelling with your cat is a hassle, and not everyone possesses a car in Singapore.

Most cab drivers are usually not willing to pick up customers with pets. Even with a car, you will find that at least half of your precious day will be gone just by visiting to the groomer’s place. Because your groomer might not immediately start grooming your cat upon arrival, so it will be at least a half day of waiting time wasted.

By engaging a mobile groomer, travelling time will be eliminated and mobile groomers immediately start grooming your cat with 1 to 1 attention from the start to the end.

2. Less stressful for the cat

We all know that cats get stressed out easily to new things or environment. Put yourself in your cat’s shoes, imagine being caged up and being transported to a new environment with additional stress from other animals around the pet salon.

Look at how much stress is being accumulated from travelling and to a new environment, and your cat still have to go through the whole grooming process!

With travelling eliminated, it will be less stressful for your cat, and he/she will feel more relaxed when it comes to grooming. In that case, your cat will be more likely to cooperate with grooming.

3. Possible infection from environment or other animals

Cat grooming done at home can also keep your pet away from a possible infection that can come up when you visit a pet salon to groom the cat.

Many pets go in and out of pet salons everyday, and when your cat is exposed to other pets in the salon, there are possible risk of getting infected from diseases or ticks and fleas which will be very troublesome and will potentially cost more when veterinary help is required.

BONUS! Groomer’s advice on home grooming:

When it comes to grooming your own cat at home, you need to start things slowly. First you need to have enough patience and always keep the treats ready for the pet. When you groom, never show your anxiety or lose the patience. When you start things slowly and add up more with time, your cat can become acquainted with this in a good manner. Your pet will slowly starts to accept what you are doing to take care of him.

If you are feeling tired or frustrated, then you should stop the work and take some time to get this done afterwards. Always remember to keep things positive as well as fun when you are doing cat grooming at home. If you are looking for better outcome, then it’s always better to consult a Cat Groomer.

Cat’s nails will need trimming and clipping on a more regular interval. So, taking help of an expert groomer to do this work is always advised. There are also tools which you need in order to get the grooming done for your cat from head to tail. When you use the right tools, steps and the bond that you already share with the cat, you can easily meet your cat’s grooming requirements easily.

In order to do this, you need to brush the cat regularly and take it for a bath without any struggle. Clipping and trimmer of the hair is also necessary on a regular interval. You also need to cut the nails of your cat in such a manner that the pet cannot come across any pain.