When picking a pet for the first time, dogs are often the ones aspiring pet owners consider for their home. If trained well and loved, your dog would remain loyal to you and your family for as long as they live.

In Asia, Singapore is seen as a dog-friendly city as its public places and establishments allow dogs to enter. Dogs would have to be leashed when out in public and you would need to sit out on the outdoor area to monitor your pets. Some landlords also permit dogs depending on their size. Foreigners can even bring their dogs to the country if they pass the health requirements imposed on the city.

Because of this friendly environment, many pet shops and shelters in Singapore offer various breeds of dogs for pet owners to choose from. Of course, as a pet owner, your background would be checked if you can take care of your dog properly. Animal rights are also valued in the country and violators have punished accordingly.

As a means to show your dog you love them and care for them, regularly home dog grooming them is advised. Grooming ensures your dog’s coat remains clean and free from any substance or virus that may affect their health. Grooming also assists in enhancing your dog’s health as it assists in circulation, muscle mass growth and even reduces the possibility of infections from developing.

However, grooming your dogs can take time, especially if they are quite large. Fortunately, there are professional groomers around Singapore who can do the task for you for a certain fee.

If you intend to do it on your own, there are some things you need to remember when purchasing your dog’s grooming products:

Check the Contents of Your Dog’s Grooming Product

Like bathing products used by humans, there are some pet shampoos, conditioners and grooming products that are harmful to your pet even if they promise it would make your pet smell great. Some of these products may contain chemicals and synthetic colours which, if used, may trigger negative health effects to both you and your pet. You also put others at risk when they play with your dogs since they may inhale these dangerous chemicals and substances.

The environment may also be placed at risk by these dangerous substances in grooming products. When you rinse your pet’s coat from these products, it goes down the drain and gets absorbed by the earth. It can then pollute groundwater sources and also endanger plants and animals when it reaches the waterways.

What Ingredients Should You Watch Out For

Scientists have discovered several ingredients found in grooming products that can endanger you, your loved ones, your pets and the environment. Here are some of these ingredients below:

  • BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)
    This chemical is usually found in human moisturizers and makeup, as well as dog shampoo. If used continuously, humans exposed to it may get skin allergies or cancer. For pets, the chemical can trigger the onset of lung, liver, and kidney problems.
  • SLS or SLES (sodium laureth/ sodium lauryl ether sulfate)
    Both these chemicals are usually found in dog shampoos, as well as in human bubble bath gels, soaps and detergents. When used, it can trigger eye and skin irritation, as well as organ and neurotoxicity.
  • DEA (diethanolamine)
    Usually found in sunscreens and shampoos, it can trigger liver cancer for both humans and pets.
  • Synthetic colours and scents
    These synthetic materials are usually found in cosmetics and scented household products. For dog grooming, it is found in all grooming products in order to make it smell and look good. If used repeatedly, these can trigger migraines and asthma for humans, while it can kill marine wildlife when it gets absorbed into the drain.

Look out for eco-friendly grooming products or make them yourself

If you do not want the commercial dog grooming products which may have these harmful chemicals for you and your pet, look for products which are biodegradable, organic and free of synthetic chemicals and fragrances. When it is used, you and your pet are not at risk to any possible health complications. It also works just as well as commercial dog grooming products.

Alternatively, you can also skim online to see dog grooming formulas you can do at home for your pets. Some of the ingredients in these recipes can easily be found in stores and you can also add your own touch to them as they also offer alternatives for ingredients you cannot find.

Check if it fits your dog’s coating

Dogs vary in terms of their coating and certain grooming products (and its ingredients) may not be applicable to your pet’s coating. Some dog coats would only require shampoo and conditioner to clean, while others may only require shampoo and sunblock. Some shampoos and conditioners are also specially formulated for a specific dog coat type, which

Seek advice from veterinarians or pet experts

Finally, if your dog has a special condition or requirement when it comes to their grooming, you should ask your veterinarian which grooming products are ok to use. They may also recommend medicated grooming products that can help your dog recover from infections or prevent the onset of fleas.

Alternatively, you can ask pet experts and pet groomers for some tips regarding the proper way to groom your dog. They can also share some of the products they use and what you should avoid when grooming your pet.

Final Remarks

Like humans, dogs also have to be cleaned regularly to stay healthy and adorable. If they are left dirty and untidy, many would stray away from them. You also put your dogs at risk of infections and diseases related to their physical state.

As your pet’s owner and groomer, you have to make sure that the products you use to groom your pets are eco-friendly and safe. Failing to see what is in the grooming products you use for your pets puts your pet at risk to health conditions that may lead to their deaths.

Seek the advice of experts if you do not know where to begin in purchasing the right grooming products for your pets.