Mobile Rabbit Grooming Service in Singapore

No more spending your time in transit and endlessly waiting for a long line of customers just to get your rabbit groomed.

To help make things more convenient for our customers, we have come up with the Mobile Rabbit Grooming Service (a.k.a. House Call Rabbit Grooming), where our groomer will personally come by your house and take care of grooming your rabbit.

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Like cats, rabbits also tend to be very independent when it comes to their personal hygiene. They can take care of cleaning themselves by excessively licking their fur and removing any dirt that is within their mouth’s reach. Because of this, rabbit-owners also face the same dilemma that cat-owners do with their pets: fur ball vomiting.

Taking proper care of the skin and fur of your rabbit plays an important role in terms of keeping your pet in their tip-top condition. Regular powder baths and proper brushing remove dead layers of fur that they may easily ingest when they lick themselves. It also prevents matting and clumping that may eventually lead to skin irritation and worse — infection. Do keep in mind that rabbits are considered as soft creatures, and thus need seriously careful pampering.

Here’s how our Mobile Rabbit Grooming Service works:

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1. Call or message us (see Contact tab above) to book a grooming schedule.

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2. Our certified rabbit groomer will bring all the necessary equipment to your home at the scheduled date and time.

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3. Tell our groomer your preferred cut, if you have any. It is best if you can show our groomer the photo.

fined in home pet grooming in Singapore

4. Sit back, relax, and wait for your furry friend to finish the overall groom!

Our Rabbit Grooming Packages

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Full Rabbit Grooming

Our Rabbit Grooming Rates

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A few reminders for booking your rabbit grooming with Likeable Pets:

Our Reviews

As a regular customer, I must say Pamela is the most friendliest and trustworthy rabbit groomer. She is very patience in handling my bunbun. 2 thumbs up for the great service!
Su H.
Su H.
09:10 22 May 21
I’m a regular customer and I must say Pamela is the most friendliest and trustworthy rabbit groomer. She is very patience in handling my bunbun. 2 thumbs up for the great service!
Suhanah I.
Suhanah I.
09:07 22 May 21
Pamelas very thorough with her grooming and handles Jingles our rabbit well . She plays soothing classical music to calm him whilst grooming . It’s like a spa session for him and he looks so clean and fresh after .
Cho Y.
Cho Y.
08:48 15 Oct 20
Alex was very quick to respond to my texts. Pamela did a wonderful job grooming my rabbit Scout & had great knowledge and tips for rabbits! Thank you! ���
DeeDee Baker T.
DeeDee Baker T.
03:16 11 Feb 17
Amazing groomer. He was very gentle with my rabbit and my dog. Thank you. 🙂
Paramesh S.
Paramesh S.
09:29 09 Oct 14

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended standard frequency for all rabbit breeds is about 1-3 months. Usually we tell our customers if the nails get too long, then it is time to schedule for a grooming for their rabbit.

You are definitely 100% safe with Likeable Pets! Mobile grooming is a more convenient option as you won’t need to leave the house anymore. Making monthly trips to the groomer’s salon entails you to shell out to and fro transportation fee, a lot of time, and stresses out your furry friend because he will be in a foreign environment. With mobile grooming, you can stay in the comforts of your home and even track everything that will be done to your rabbit.

We highly value cleanliness! All of our tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after each grooming session.

You don’t have to worry about your place getting messy! Our equipment includes a grooming table where all the cutting of fur will take place. For any mess that might occur, our groomers will be glad to help to clear up the mess.

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