You can consider certain things before visiting a groomer with your cat and these things will not only help the groomer to perform cat grooming properly but make your cat look adorable. It is good to visit a groomer with your cat but there are certain things which groomer wishes that the owner of the pet should really know. It will save you, your cat and the groomer from a lot of time and tears.

By implementing these simple little things, the relationship between cat and the owner can be stronger and also these will help the groomer while grooming your pet. The process of preparing your cat before visiting a groomer begins long before getting an appointment.

Regular Brushing

Let’s look at what will happen if you do not brush your pet regularly. Try not to brush your own hairs for a day or two, you will feel the knots in your hairs and they will be gnarled. It is the same with your cat’s fur. If you do not brush the cat’s fur, they will be gnarled and cause matting.

Your cat will be in a lot of pain while resolving the knots and de-matting and on the other hand, the groomer will be irritated while doing such a job. The worst-case scenario will be your cat’s fur to be too matted to save and require a shave. So, you should brush the hairs of your cat regularly to avoid such problems and it will also strengthen the bond between the owner and the pet.

Allow Your Cat Get Used To The Carrier

On the day of the appointment when you tries to put the cat in the carrier, you usually face a lot of difficulties. This happens because cats do not like to be placed in a confined area and are stressed while going out as it is used to be at home, its most familiar environment most of the time. You should prepare your cat for the carrier by putting the carrier in front of the cat a few days before the groomer’s appointment so that cat may sit in the carrier often and mark its scent on the carrier while wandering around the house. It will save you a lot of time and also save you from being late.

You should start the early grooming of your cat so that the pet may use to it. When your cat is young and even if it does not need any grooming, you should pay the introductory visits to the groomer so that it may not cause any other problems when it is young. By paying the early visits, the cat will be used to the carrier and also to these grooming sessions.

Early Preparation For Nail Clipping

Groomers usually had to face a lot of problems when they touch the paws of your pet. Cats usually don’t like to be touched on the paws and it can create difficulties for the groomer to do the nails of your pet. Your cat should be early prepared for the nail clipping by getting it used to be touched or stroked on the paws. It is most effective and easy when it is done while the cat is only a kitten. It will be a lot easier if your cat is used to be touched at the paws.

Discuss Your Cat With The Groomer

It is important to discuss your pet and what works do you want to be done with your cat. You should be specific and detailed in what you want to be done. Groomers might be confused if your directions are unclear. If your cat has certain allergies or is afraid of certain elements, it is best to discuss this with your groomer so he can try his best to remove the element from the environment to make your cat as comfortable as possible.

Regular Baths

You should not be afraid of bathing your cat. As long as the right shampoo with the right water temperature is used, your cat can enjoy its bath if not, at least tolerate it. Consult with the groomer for the right shampoo and he will be glad to advise you. Regular bathing can save your cat from matting and different skin diseases especially in the tropical country like Singapore.

In fact, some cats might even enjoy their bath time with you as part of strengthening your bond. Save the hair dryer, hand towel dry your cat and let it lick itself dry. By licking itself dry, your cat is taking in extra water as well, which is a good thing especially they constantly need to keep themselves hydrated.

Wait Until Your Pet Is Done

If you have dropped your cat for the grooming, you should not hover around until your cat is done. Give your cat and the groomer some space. A professional groomer will only wait until the pet is calm and quiet before starting the grooming process. Your cat may get excited when they see their owner. So, when you will pay an early visit the cat may get excited to see you and can cause difficulty for the groomer to complete the treatment. You should be patient and wait until your pet is done.

Regular Grooming

Make a habit of going for regular grooming. Little things like brushing and nail clippings can be done at home but they are not enough to keep your cat’s fur healthy. Regular visits to the groomer will improve the relationship between your cat and the groomer thus reducing stress whenever you bring your cat to the groomer’s.

By following the above tips, you might save yourself a lot of hassle and your cat a lot of unnecessary stress.

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