Natural remedies are not confined to human beings alone. Traditional medicine extends its healing properties even to the animal kingdom. For centuries, humans have been practising animal health care and diagnosis using natural medicines long before the discovery of the modern veterinary medicine.

Instead of feeding our pets with medication, natural cures are much better alternatives for their health. Natural cures for pets can be checked against the over the counter medications that have over the last few years that has been used for the treatment of chronic skin problems. As a responsible pet owner, you can check with your vet about the availability of natural remedies that he can propose for your pet.

Nowadays, studies and practices have looked into a wide range of herbal products for the treatment of pets. For example, the Chinese traditional medicine, known for its efficacy and effectiveness in the treatment of various animal disease is already being tested for the treatment of household pets. Studies for natural remedies for the treatment of our pets include those of plants that can be used as medicine for pets.

Natural cures for pets are many, but you should have a thorough knowledge about a product’s effectiveness in treating the various pet diseases that might be contagious and infectious. Natural cures for pets are available for generic, skin and illness of the canines. These natural medicines have also been found useful in the treatment of almost all kinds of pet diseases.

Pets Natural Remedies

As the pet owner, you are the best position to decide what kind of natural medicine you can use to treat your pet when it has a chronic skin disease. However, what is interesting is that most of the domesticated animals know way better we do about the natural remedies. For example, a dog knows way too well which herb will work for him best when he has an indigestion problem. In the wild, a dog will roam around in the forest, looking for suitable herbal plants to cure its problem.

Signs Of Skin Infection In Pets

Pets, just like you and me can suffer from skin problems. Look out for the following signs when your dog or cat has a skin problem:

  • Excessive Itching
  • Excessive Scratching
  • Bites and licks the skin
  • Excessive grooming
  • Licking and chewing the paws, abdomen and hindquarters
  • Reddened and hot ears when you touch

Skin infection in pets is mainly caused by different things such as ticks, flies, microbes, moulds and spores.

Your Pet’s Diet

What about nutrition? You might be wondering. Well, food is medicine. One of the very best natural cure for most of the skin problems to your pet is food. Have you ever met a wild dog or cat? It is very healthy, and yet no one takes care of it. Wild dogs and cats eat a healthy diet of wild prey, raw, uncooked and unprocessed. These natural foods contain not only the essential nutrients but also probiotic bacteria.

To the daily food that you feed your pet, consider adding the following natural ingredients to supplement the natural elements that might have been lost during processing:

  1. A dose of all natural multivitamin and mineral supplement such as protexin – a natural probiotic. You can also add flaxseed which contains natural omega three fatty acid or fish oil.
  2. Change your pet’s diet into an all-natural grain-free diet that has not been processed or treated with chemical preservatives, e.g., Fresh meat. For the supply of carbohydrates, consider feeding your pet with wholesome products like rolled oat or brown rice. An example of commercially available natural pet products include the vets all natural premium choice and complete mix.


So, hereunder are some suggestions on what you can do to reduce the chronic skin infections on your pet using natural remedies.

  • If your pet’s skin is inflamed, do not use shampoo and other medicated soaps when bathing your pet. These might provide temporary relief to the skin problem, but that is not what you want for your pet. You should consider using rain water which does not contain any chemical that might worsen the skin problem of your pet.
  • The skin infection of your pet might have been caused by the habitat of your pet. Therefore, you should consider making whatever feasible changes you can to your pet’s environment.Try as much as you can to avoid using harsh chemical sprays and detergents when cleaning the pet’s house because this might be causative agents of the skin problem. There are pet-friendly cleaning detergents in the market that are non-toxic, gentle chemicals that will clean from the floors to laundry your pet’s blankets.In case, you are wondering if your current brand is suitable for your pet, you can make sure it does not contain the following chemicals:
    –Phenols–Isopropyl alcohol–Formaldehyde–Phthalates–Bleach–Perchloroethylene
  • When you are using pesticides on your pet, ensure that you use one those pesticides that are meant to kill the parasite on your pet without affecting the skin of your dog or cat. For example, if your pet has either fleas or ticks, consider using a product that can kill the insect without causing any reaction to the skin of your pet.
  • Bring your pet for regular dog grooming. Do let your groomer aware of your pet’s skin condition and ask for recommendations of special shampoo that can gently cleanse the skin of your pet’s fur.

Treating and addressing any skin problems that your dog or cat develops as soon as possible is of the utmost importance to your pet because if they go untreated, they can result in hair loss or some more chronic skin disease such as cancer.

Your pet trusts you to care for all its needs including treating it when it falls ill, and it will reward you with unconditional love, utmost devotion and loyalty. Even though your pet’s skin problem might seem like a small thing, the truth is they cause a lot of discomfort and pain to your pet. Hence it is important that you understand why pets suffer from skin diseases such as skin rashes, itchy skin, flaky skin among other conditions.