Are you allergic to your pet? Are you afraid of going to the doctor’s because they might tell you to let your furry friend go?

You don’t have to suffer in silence: you can still keep your pets despite your allergies. It is very common for people to have allergic reactions to cats and dogs. The painful thing is, the first piece of advice you get from doctors (after getting your prescription) is to remove that dog or cat from your heart and home. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the only solution to getting rid of your allergies. There are steps that you can take to reduce the number of allergens in your environment and still keep your pets with you, exactly where you want them.

Allergens are substances that cause allergies. In cats and dogs, the most common allergens are the proteins found in their dander. Dander refers to the old skin flakes, or dead skin cells, that are shed constantly by animals. Allergens can also be found in your pets’ saliva, skin, urine, and litter. Touching or inhaling these allergens can cause such allergic reactions as itchy skin, itchy eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throats, and asthma, which the worst of all of them. It doesn’t really matter if your pet is bald or very furry: allergens will still be present to irritate humans. Sometimes, your allergies may be due to dust mites, mould, or pollen, all of which contain allergens and all of which can be found in homes, whether you have pets or not.

There are measures that you can take for yourself and your pets, that will decontaminate them, you, and your immediate surroundings of allergens, limiting your exposure to them and allowing you to keep your beloved pets.

Steps To Take To Prevent Allergies In Your Home

  1. Have a room that is designated as ‘allergen-free’. This room is one where your pets are not allowed to enter, so making it your bedroom is best. Your pets don’t have to be everywhere in your home. Keeping an ‘allergen-free’ room ensures that you can have a couple of hours every day when you are not threatened by allergic reactions, and still have your pets under the same roof.
  2. Use anti-allergen room sprays to deactivate allergens in your home, and on your pets.
  3. Install air purifiers that contain HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filters. These air purifiers constantly freshen the air inside our homes, even when we cannot throw the doors open to let fresh air in due to any number of reasons. Air purifiers freshen the air inside our homes, reducing the number of allergens in them
  4. Get washable bedding for your pets, as well as cages that can be cleaned regularly and easily.
  5. Always wash your hands after handling your pets before touching your face. This is the quickest and easiest way to transfer allergens to our bodies. If washing your hands may be a bit of a chore, then always have some hand sanitizers on hand to rub into hands after touching pets.

Reduce Allergies By Your Pets

The steps mentioned above are mainly for us and our homes. There are ways you can take care of your pets that will reduce the number of allergens they carry and keep you at less risk of having an allergic reaction.

  • Basic Grooming Daily

    Always brush their hair and teeth, and trim their nails and clean between their toes daily. Grooming your dog at home is also beneficial for them, as it lowers their risk of catching any irritants, reduces the levels of allergens on their bodies and also a great bonding time between you and them.

  • Vacuum The House Daily

    If you cannot bring yourself to vacuum your house daily, then get an auto-vacuum machine like Roomba to do it for you. Just set it in a timer for it to vacuum your house, and it is also rechargeable, and you can set it to recharge itself once the battery is low. It is also advisable not to use deep carpets in your home when you have pets.

  • Wipe Surfaces To Get Rid Of Dust And Dander Frequently

    Allergies come from the allergens that are found in dander, which is the dead skin that sloughs off our pets’ bodies and fur at a constant rate. Use special sprays that attract dust and allergens when you are cleaning. Do not use a dry cloth to dust the surfaces in your house, as this will stir up dander and cause you to inhale them.

  • Professional Grooming Once a Quarter

    It is advisable to take your pets to a professional pet groomer (Likeable Pets) at least four times a year. Grooming them keeps their fur trimmed and short, and reduces the risk of irritation for your pets, especially since Singapore’s weather is mostly hot and humid.

  • Change Pet’s Diet

    Your pet’s diet needs to contain high-quality, nutrient-rich food that has oils and fatty acids that support skin health and their overall health. Your pet’s diet should be one that is rich in fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, but they should be available in a balanced amount that is appropriate for your pet.

  • Bathing The Pet Once A Week Or Once Every Other Week

    Make sure you bath your pets at least once a week with shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated to remove dander and keep their skin moisturised. If a dog’s skin, for example, is dry or irritated, it sheds more dander, so using the right shampoos and conditioners is essential to keep the skin smooth and properly moist. Do not use human shampoos and conditioners on your pets, as they contain way too much acid for the pet’s skin and can irritate their skin.

Though some of these measures are expensive and time-consuming, they are important for our well-being as well as our pets’ well-being. It is also important to note that you should always consult with a doctor that thoroughly understands pets and allergies so that they can advise you well.