Do you regularly take your dog to a professional groomer while you are out to explore Singapore?

If your answer is yes, you may notice that your dog would often come back to you with a fresh and fluffy fur that makes them look more adorable than before. Onlookers would definitely stop and take a photo of your pet when they see you together.

However, when you try to home pet grooming yourself to achieve the same look, the result is often different than the ones from the pet grooming salon.

Is there a trick to getting that fluffy fur groomers are so proficient on doing for our pets?

Fluff Drying

In order to achieve fluffy fur, groomers use a special technique known as fluff drying as they groom our pets. With the use of a blow dryer, the groomer would then use it to straighten the fur for better cutting and give your pet’s fur some volume as they finish up.

Sadly, the technique can be difficult to master despite the fact it sounds similar to how you blow dry your hair. You need to know how to brush your pet’s fur properly to give it volume and the things you need to consider before you attempt fluff drying.

However, it is actually possible to do it at home.

What Should You Do?

If you don’t want to take your pet in one of Singapore’s pet grooming salons or to a groomer to give your pet that fluffy fur every day, here are the steps you should try out to practice fluffy drying.

  1. Give your pet a nice bath

Before you begin with the blow-drying process, you need to give your dog a thorough wash and shampooing to ensure their coat is clean and free from tangles. A clean coat also ensures your pet’s coat will be easier to fluff as you blow dry it.

Once you have shampooed all of your pet’s coat, make sure you rinse all of it completely to ensure no suds can cause matting.

  1. Pat dry your pet’s coat

After the bath, dry your pet’s coat by patting it dry with a towel. Although you can dry the coat by rubbing the towel on the fur, it can produce fur matting since you rub the fur together. If matting does exist on your pet’s fur, it would be difficult to fluff and brush the affected area once you start blow drying it.

Once you pat dry the coat, run through the coat again with the help of a slicker brush to ensure that all the water has been taken out of the coat as much as possible. Excess water would make the fur harder to blow dry.

  1. Blow dry your pet’s coat with a slicker brush

Once your pet is dry, you can now start blow drying your pet’s hair.

You can start by using a slicker brush and lift the fur up by the roots. Once you do that, you can point the hair dryer at the brush where the fur is and slowly brush through it to make it fluffy. The step is actually quite similar to how you blow dry your own hair so you can use that as a basis on how you can blow dry your pet’s hair.

Make sure the air is not too hot for your pets because if they do feel the hot air, it can irritate them. It is also possible it can cause skin burns if your pet has a sensitive skin.

  1. Volumize your pet’s coat in small portions

In order to make sure every part of your pet’s fur is fluffy, volumize each part slowly and do it in small portions.

Once you are done making the coat fluffy, check if there are mats you may have missed during the blow-drying procedure. If you find one, turn the blow dryer’s settings on cool and blow on the low part of the fur’s grain while brushing it. This will ensure the fluff of the coat is not affected while you brush and get rid of the matted part easily.

  1. Brush

When you get rid of the mats, brush against the fur’s grain to hold the fluffy fur together. Make sure to do it gently so you don’t irritate your pets while you do it.


While trying to practice fluffy drying, make sure you take note of the following points to make your technique more refined.

  • Make sure your pet’s eyes are covered as the hair dryer blows into the area. Hot air can cause irritations to your pet’s eyes and it may lead to eye complications.
  • As you blow dry your pet’s coat and give it some volume, take short breaks and give your pet a treat for remaining still as you groom them.
  • Do not blow dry too close or inside your dog’s ears because it can affect their sensitive hearing.
  • Before you start blow drying, you must make sure all the shampoo you used for your dog’s coat is rinsed off completely. If some shampoo remains in your dog’s coat, the affected area cannot be easily given volume and blow dried properly.


Pets with very fluffy fur have a magnetic feel to them that you would definitely find irresistible, which is why it is appealing to have our pet’s fur have the look every day.

However, the look can be difficult to attain since there are techniques and things to remember while trying the look for your pets at home. Despite this fact, don’t immediately be disheartened if you cannot achieve that fluffy fur look while you do home dog grooming because even groomers had to practice how to get the look right.

With continuous practice and tweaks to your grooming technique, you will also be able to get your pet’s fur to be fluffy all the time and make them feel like a star each time they walk around your house and on your neighborhood.