A pet’s coat can tell a lot about a pet’s overall health.

If it is sleek, shiny and free from tangles, it indicates that the pet is always brushed and well-taken care of. If it has tangles, looks rough to the touch and has fleas and other insects, the pet doesn’t get regular baths and brushing. Poor pet grooming, especially coat brushing, does have negative consequences, which can affect your pet’s overall health.

Reasons why Pet Brushing is Important

Just like human hair, a pet’s coat should be regularly maintained and brushed. Here are the major reasons why you should brush it accordingly:

  • Prevents loose hair from staying in their coat
  • Stops the development of hair matting
  • Improves pet skin health
  • Stimulates healthy oil development and circulation
  • Improves pet-owner bonding
  • Makes your pets look sharp and good looking

Types of Brushes for Your Pets

If you want to groom your pet at home, you must know your pet’s coat type before purchasing a grooming brush to use. You can ask the pet store or your vet regarding your new pet’s coat before you go to a shop to buy your grooming brush.

Here are the available types of brushes for your pets and which coat it works well:

  1. Slicker Brush
    For dogs with long or medium hair, straight or curly, this is the right brush for them. This brush comes with fine wire bristles that are angled, enabling it to remove the knots on your pet’s fur. It also works well for those who shed a lot because it can remove undercoats and loose hair. Pet owners must be cautious in using this type of brush for short and long-haired pets as it may either damage their skin (for short haired pets) and their long hair (for long-haired pets).
  2. Undercoat Rake 
    For dog breeds with double coats and thick coats like huskies and Pomeranians, using this brush would help get rid of loose fur quickly. It can also remove dead undercoat hair and prevent the onset of matting thanks to its wide set teeth. When using this brush, you must add a little bit of pressure to get into the undercoat, but make sure you don’t press too hard.
  3. Flea Comb
    Using a flea comb for all pets would help reduce the possibility of your pet, especially dogs, from getting fleas. The comb’s fine teeth ensure the fleas would be caught and pass easily on smooth fur. When using this comb, make sure you swirl it in hot soapy water between each brushing to ensure the fleas won’t fly elsewhere.
  4. Rubber Brush
    This comb is mostly used for all coat types and length, especially if they shed a lot of furs. The rubber would act as a magnet to get the loose hair and also foster oil production. You can also use this brush while shampooing your pet’s coat.
  5. Double Sided Brush
    This brush works for all coat types, preferably for medium and long-haired dogs, and assists in getting rid of tangles and mats, then shine the coat while using the other side.
  6. Bristle brush
    If you want to improve your pet’s healthy oil production and help make their coat glossy, you need to use this brush. It can also be used for short-haired dogs when getting rid of their loose fur.
  7. Mat breakers 
    If your pets tend to develop matted coats, this brush can help you remove them without cutting too much off your pet’s fur. You must be very careful in using this brush because it may cause cuts to your pet’s skin.
  8. Moulting Comb
    For double coated dogs and those with thick hair, using this comb would help remove the knots and short hair on the topcoat. It also helps in getting your pet’s moulted fur.
  9. De-shedder
    If you want to prevent any loose pet hair from falling off in random parts of your home, you can use this comb for your pets. This comb is usually used for double coated dogs and pets who are often prone to shedding.
  10. Grooming Comb
    If your pet has woolly and curly fur, using this comb with wide teeth can help brush them properly without breaking your pet’s hair in the process. There are many versions of grooming combs in the market: large spaced teeth for long or thick hair and narrowly spaced teeth for pets with short hair.

Where to Get Your Pet’s Grooming Brushes in Singapore

There are many grooming supplies store in Singapore which you can check out when building your pet’s grooming kit. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the store’s staff to get their personal recommendations on which brushes you should pick and how to use them. Some staff may even demonstrate how you can use your new grooming brush on your pet.

You can also check their online stores to get your grooming tools delivered to your home if you can’t pass by their brick stores. However, it is important to double check with online reviews or advise if these brushes would really work for your pet.

Grooming Alternatives

Of course, if you do not have time to groom your pets or the money to invest in grooming tools, you can bring your pets to a mobile dog grooming professional or pet salons. Most Singapore pet stores offer professional pet grooming services for all kinds of pets. You can also walk in with your pet at any time, and if you are in an appointment, you can simply schedule a special session for your pet.

Alternatively, you can ask your pet’s veterinarian to get a list of professional pet groomers in the city if you want your pet to be groomed in a more relaxed environment. Some may even do home service for an extra fee.


Picking grooming tools for your pets should be taken seriously because it would affect your pet’s overall health and your relationship with them. If you use the wrong grooming brush for their coat, it would make the grooming experience worst for both you and your pet. Seek the help of a professional groomer if you want to make your pets feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid of investing on good grooming brushes for your pets because it can make grooming a good bonding experience for you and your pet.