When the heat goes up and won’t go down even if there is an air conditioner running, you and your pet would head outdoors to cool off or take a long soak in the beach or in the pool. It is also the time for exercise, especially for pets since they can stay outdoors for longer.

Of course, since your pets have fur all over their body, they may overheat if they remain in a very hot environment. Their ears, nails, teeth and skin must also be monitored if they are getting long, or if there are problems with them.

Hot weather is also the time when ticks and fleas tend to strike on pets, which can irritate your pets and even cause problems for you as the owner. Ticks can bring viruses into your household, while fleas can easily make itself.

Fortunately, grooming your dogs could prevent these problems from taking root and help them enjoy the heat.

Tips for Grooming Dogs During Hot Weather

Here are some tips you can do as a pet owner to help your dog manage the extreme heat while grooming them:

Get your pet’s fur trimmed

It is ideal that before the summer season goes to full swing, you should give your pet a fur-cut, especially if they are double coated. It is not advisable; however, to shave off all of your pet’s fur because their coat serves as their defence against twigs, dirt, sunburn and other things.

Regular coat brushing

Dogs love a good brushing session as it brings them closer to their owners. It also promotes air circulation and healthy oil development, making their coat sleek and shiny. Brushing also gets rid of matted hair, which can trap heat and moisture and trigger skin infections. If you have thick coated and long haired pets, always brush them with a comb or a rake to get rid of the excess undercoat.

Regular brushing also ensures that ticks and fleas do not stick in your pet’s fur. Use flea combs regularly to check flea and tick infestation.

Regular bathing

Combine regular brushing for your pets with regular bathing. While your dogs may find regular bathing irritating, bathing can help cool your pet’s body. Use a pet shampoo that fits your pet’s coat and skin, lather it once and rinse properly. If your pet is prone to ticks and fleas, bathing with medicated shampoo can also help relax them and stop these pets from irritating your pet.

Bathing can also make sure there’s no mud and dirt that sticks to your dog’s fur, especially after they run and roll over during play time.

Check their ears regularly

If your pet loves swimming or rolling around your lawn, you should check their ears for any bug, dirt or substances which can cause irritation and ear infections.

Expert groomers believe you can prevent wet ears by plucking the hair from your pet’s ear canal but vets are against this because hair pores would be exposed when you pluck the hair. It would then secret extra serum and further increase the possibility of infections.

After your pet gets his water exercise, wipe their earflaps gently with a cotton ball. You can also use drops with drying agents or white vinegar to dry their ears without problems.

Check their teeth and nails

With the heat fostering active fun for your pets, you should also pay close attention to their teeth and paws. Double check his toes for debris, ticks and other substances and trim their nails regularly to prevent possible dirt built up.

For their teeth, regularly check for plaque built up and other substances which may have gotten into their mouths while playing.

Use paw wax for your pet’s paws

Walking with your pets during a hot weather on sidewalks and roads can be very difficult as the pavement can burn your pet’s sensitive paw pads. In order to avoid this, you can walk your dog early in the morning or at late evening so the pavements are still cool.

You can also purchase paw wax that could prevent cracking and drying paw pads during these hot months. It also protects your pet’s feet from hot sand and jagged rocks.

You can also cool off your pet’s paws by wiping them with a cool cloth.

Keep them hydrated

Pets would also need water to cool off their body and since its getting hot, you need to give them water regularly. Always refill their water bowls or, for some extra fun, let them drink from a sprinkler or a water bottle.

Put them in the shade

Don’t let your dog play around when the heat is at its peak. Let them rest in the shade and provide them with something to cool off like a wading pool. Of course, make sure you give them a bath after their fun!

Alternative Grooming

If you do not have the time to groom your pets to make them ready to face the heat, you can always bring them to a groomer or a pet grooming salon in the city. In Singapore, where the weather is always hot, various pet grooming salons are open for pet owners to bring their pets and groom them for any occasion. Your pet’s assigned groomer can cut your pet’s furs into a manageable length and even offer you some tips on how to keep your pets cool when the weather gets hot and dry.

You can also request a groomer to attend to your pet’s grooming at home. Likeable Pets offers house call which is also known as mobile grooming at your convenience.

Stay cool when the temperature increases

Whether the weather is hot or cold, pet owners must always take good care of their pets because even they can have problems managing the heat. Groom them regularly to help them cool off from a long day of fun and play outdoors, especially when the temperature is hot. If you can’t, there are always places around the city to help you prepare your pets against the heat.

Remember, your pets deserve to have fun too! It wouldn’t do if they can’t beat the heat!