Fries are not immediately dangerous or toxic, but they are in no way healthy for dogs. French fries are laden with trans and saturated, of which both are bad for consumption. Whether it’s overtime or all in one go, lots of fat in your pup’s diet can cause excruciating pancreas inflammation.

Since fries are loaded with salt, which is not good for dogs. While too much salt in the diet causes your blood pressure to skyrocket or make the body retain a lot of water. In dogs, it reacts rather differently as dog’s salt tolerance is low. Ask for help from mobile dog grooming professionals or veterianarian.

Aren’t you yet convinced about french fries? Keep on reading to find out more…

Why Should Dogs Avoid Eating French Fries?

In theory, everything in fries can be processed by a dog’s digestive system. However, the reality is, fries will have unfavorable effects on a dog’s health.

Since french fries are mainly potatoes, frying oil, salt, and preservatives, particularly when you get them from fast food restaurants. Also, all these ingredients are not good for your favorite pet.

Should Dogs Be Fed Potatoes?

Actually, foods dogs can eat are cooked potatoes and aren’t that bad, however, they are loaded with heavy carbs which are not easily processed. Your dog can take a few bites of baked or boiled potatoes (without adding anything to them) and notice no problems.

Even then, typically potatoes are not fed to dogs since they are not a good source of carbohydrates for dogs. A small amount of energy is processed from this food, hence it’s not worth feeding to your dog.

Sodium, Fat, Oil, Carbs

All fatty foods should be eaten with some limits. Typically, french fries have the worst type of fat (trans and saturated) and also sodium.

You certainly have not intended to cause an inflammation to your dog’s pancreas. From here, everything will start going south. You dog’s kidneys will also be at risk because of the high content of salt in the tasty fries.

In addition, the carbs will leave little room for any protein-packed meal that a dog should be receiving regularly. You also need to keep in mind that obesity in pets is rampant because of practicing poor feeding habits.

Are Fries Without Salt Good For Dogs?

The primary ingredient that makes fries a big no-no for dogs is salt.

Having said that, does it mean that unsalted french fries are good for the dog? In theory, dogs can eat them are since salt (the biggest bad thing in fries). But still, with the other issues that come with the other ingredients listed above will deter you from giving your dog fries.

What’s Wrong With Salt?

Just like humans, dogs have similar reactions to salt, but they only can tolerate very little salt. Meaning that since a bag of fries could make you thirsty, it will make your dog seriously dehydrated.

Salt is actually bad for dogs, so you need to remember this as you consider giving him a salty treat or as you prepare their meals at home.

Are there dog-friendly fats?

Though it’s true that dogs require the healthy omega fats, trans and saturated are not what dogs need for a healthy long life. In general, a dog’s diet needs to have nothing more than 15% of fat, only when they are following a special diet.

Probably your dog’s food contains the amount of fat that is right for them. When you start giving your dog food like fries regularly, then they will be receiving too much fat in their body and at that an unhealthy amount of fats.

What if My Dog Ate French Fries?

It depends! If your pet has only eaten just a few fries, it will be ok depending on its size, the salt content of the french fries, and it’s tolerance for sodium. When you have a small dog and he has eaten an entire bag of salty french fries, it is advisable you contact your vet.

If you are concerned, call the vet and have them know the number of fries your dog has eaten together with the dog size. Doing so will help determine whether you have to take your dog in for a medical examination. But if you see that they’re okay, be sure to keep monitoring your dog for the next twelve hours to ensure they do not display signs of dehydration.

Are There Fries For Dogs?

Not really, however, there are some natural sweet potato dog treats that you can buy for your dog. Alternatively, you can prepare some at home.

Compared to regular potatoes, Sweet potatoes are a lot easier for pups to process, and also they contain numerous more useful vitamins. Sweet potato treats or dehydrated sweet potato have a low salt content and loaded with nutritious benefits.

Keep in mind that all things are good in moderation. Remember that sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, hence don’t feed your pup with too many snacks on top of their regular diet.

Pick Something Better

Rather than feed your dog with french fries, you can decide to pick healthier options for dog treats. You can also follow the healthy diet of salts and fats comes with the foods from some of the top-quality dog food brands out there. You can leave the french fries for yourself!

Two Better options: top quality all-natural sweet potato dog treats or organic and healthy dog Fetch Fries!


Note that there are some household items, which hold high salt amounts. These are paintballs, homemade play dough, rock salt, and enemas. When salt is the main ingredient, make sure that it’s kept far away from your dog’s reach.

As you feed your dog a few french fries here and there, this will not cause any problems, but done consistently, it can create different health problems and may cause itchy skin. So save the fries for yourself and get your dog the healthier option of treats. Dogs are easy to please and they’ll be contented with anything you offer them.