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For many dog owners who own an SUV, it is quite common to give their canine companion a leg up when getting into the vehicle. This is true for small to medium breeds but larger dogs also require a helping hand even if it appears they can easily make the jump.The fact is, having a dog jumping in and out the back of your SUV, which is quite high, to begin with, increases the risk of injury. Larger dogs are actually more susceptible to hip injuries so it is recommended not to have them regularly jumping up and down considerable heights.In this regard, a dog ramp for SUVs is the best solution to preventing dog injuries. But how do you pick one? You have to remember that there are a couple of features you need to consider when it comes to buying a quality dog ramp.To aid you in your search, I will be listing down important aspects to look for as well as 5 of the highest rated and best dog ramps designed for SUVs.

Dog Ramp for SUV – Buying Guide

Dog Ramp Quality and ConstructionOne of the most important questions you need to answer when looking for a dog ramp is how well-made it is. You have to make sure that the material used can withstand abuse. Make sure it can easily support your dog’s weight, and then some. I highly recommend you go for heavy-duty hard plastic dog ramps. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.Overall Size and Weight of the RampMake sure that the dog ramp is large enough to accommodate your dog. Something to narrow might cause your dog to slip and fall. It should offer enough room for them to comfortably walk on it. Of course, make sure that it is easy to move around and transport.Anti-Slip SurfaceMake sure that your dog has optimum traction when walking up and down the ramp. This should also apply even if the surface of the ramp is wet. The last thing you want is for your ramp to turn into a slide.PortabilityFinally, you need to check and see if storing the dog ramp won’t be much of a problem. Choose a dog ramp that is lightweight and easy to store. It should also not take up too much space. As you will be placing this at the back of your SUV, start by measuring the overall dimension in the back of the SUV and use that as a basis for the size and type of dog ramp you will buy.

The 5 Best Dog Ramp for SUV – 2018 Edition

Best Overall Pick – PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp

The PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold has been the go-to brand when it comes to reliable and safe dog ramps. It is lightweight and measures around 62” x 16” x 4” and weighs only 10 lbs. In terms of portability, the PetSafe Solvit is as good as dog ramps go. It is designed to help your dog reach heights of up to 24-inches.While exceptionally lightweight, the Solvit is surprisingly durable and can easily support the weight of a 150-pound dog without any signs of bending. It uses heavy-duty plastic construction and is collapsible for easy storage and transportation. The surface also uses anti-slip rubber covers and a safety latch that locks it in place whether folded or not.The PetSafe Solvit dog ramp is a great choice for dog owners thanks to its simple yet high-quality design. It is also quite easy to clean.



  • Lightweight yet incredibly durable construction.
  • Ideal for all dog breed sizes.
  • Portable design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The rubber traction sheet is rather thin.

PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

PetSafe once again enters this list in this back to back entry with their Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp model. The telescoping design gives this far superior portability space saving capability during storage. It also makes setting it up for your dog considerably quicker and easier compared to a foldable ramp.This dog ramp can extend between 39-inches and 72-inches. This is a great feature for those with multiple vehicles of varying height. It also has a non-slip surface and impressive durability to support dogs that can weigh up to 400 lbs. This makes the Deluxe Telescoping ramp a good option for those who have exceptionally large dog breeds.



  • Telescoping features allows it to extend up to 72-inches.
  • Strong enough to support 400 lbs. of weight.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • The non-skid sheet feels too coarse. Take extra care when handling the non-skid surface.

Heininger 3052 Portable Pet Twistep Dog Hitch Step

Not technically a ‘ramp’ but a decent option for those who enjoy bringing their dog for a ride in their vehicle. The Heininger has a hanging step appearance rather than a ramp. This allows for more space saved when storing or transporting the Twistep.This is also quite easy to use. The lightweight and one-hand operation system means you can easily attach this to the back of your SUV in a jiffy while holding the leash of your dog on the other hand. It is also assembled right out of the box so you can use it immediately after receiving it.The platform has a dimension of 22” x 19” and can easily support large dog breeds. The surface is covered with an anti-skid layer to prevent your pet from slipping. It can also support up to 400 lbs. of weight. The Heininger dog step is a modern take on the traditional dog ramp. As expected, it is a stylish yet extremely practical tool to help your dog gain easier access in and out your vehicle.



  • No assembly required.
  • Easy to attach to your vehicle.
  • Spacious anti-skid platform.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The latch is not made from stainless steel. You will need to do regular maintenance to prevent rust build up.

Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp

The Petstep Folding Pet Ramp is one of the most popular choices for dog owners who own large vehicles like trucks and SUVs. This is a traditional dog ramp and comes equipped with all the features you would expect from this helpful tool.It comes with an anti-slip rubberized surface to prevent your dog from slipping whenever they go up or down the ramp. The rubberized surface also prevents it from getting slippery when wet. The Petstep features the standard folding system. Once folded, it measures roughly 3-feet and can fully extend up to 6-feet. Unlike a telescopic ramp though, this means you need ample room to set it properly as it can only go from 3- feet to 6-feet, no in-betweens.That being said, the Petstep Folding Pet Ramp is a durable and highly reliable dog ramp. It is highly recommended to dog owners who have vehicles that are as large, and larger, than SUVs.



  • Durable construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be folded down to 3-feet making it quite compact.
  • Exceptionally large when extended, you will need enough room to accommodate and properly set up the 6-feet ramp.

Gen7 Pets Natural Step Ramp

For dogs who have sensitive paws, having them use some of the anti-skid surfaces on dog ramps can sometimes cause unnecessary injuries. This is because they tend to instinctively use their claws when ascending or descending a slope. There are also cases where dogs are simply not comfortable walking up the rubberized surface of the ramp and will foolhardily try to jump over it.Gen7 Pets Natural Step Ramp is a great solution to finicky dogs. It uses artificial grass for the surface of the ramp. This allows it to retain its anti-slip properties while giving the dog a sense of familiarity. The faux grass is also quite dense and soft so you won’t need to worry about it causing abrasions on your dog’s paws.The Gen7 Pets Ramp is a little heavy at 17 lbs. but it folds easily and has a rubber grip handle that allows you to pick it up like a suitcase. The ramp can also support the weight of up to 250 lbs. As for other safety features, the Gen7 Pet uses a locking latch to make sure it won’t accidentally flip open when you are carrying it.The Gen7 Pet Ramp has a total dimension of 72” x 16” x 15” when extended and 36” x 16” x 3” when you fold it. This ramp is made from heavy-duty plastic material so you can expect to last for quite some time, especially if maintained properly.



  • Soft artificial grass surface offers your dog better traction and protection.
  • Foldable with a rubberized handle for easy transportation.
  • A little bit heavy.


It is an easy mistake to believe that your dog can easily handle jumping in and out of vehicles like SUV. However, the strain it gives on their legs and hips, especially large dogs, can cause injuries over time. Spare your beloved four-legged companion from potential health issues that might arise due to hip problems in the future by getting them a dog ramp.

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