We often like share our food with our dogs as we know that fruits and vegetables are healthy for humans and we thought that they should be good for our dogs too. But this is not totally true and some fruits and vegetables actually do more harm than good to our dogs and they are considered toxic to them. So, the next time you think about sharing your food with your dogs, do make sure that these Fruits and Vegetables listed are not on your list!


1. Grapes and Raisins


Most dog owners should know that they should not feed Grapes and Raisins to their dogs. But the reason behind it? It can cause severe kidney damage to your dog that will lead to kidney failure. Even small amount can be very toxic for your dogs, but for some dogs, they might not have any obvious symptoms after ingesting grapes and raisins but it is still best to avoid them at all time.


2. Currants

As mentioned earlier that Grapes and Raisins toxicity can cause kidney damages to your dog. Currants are equally toxic to dogs and some dogs may not develop any symptoms but when you dogs consume them, do take them to the veterinarian immediately.


3. Onions and Garlic

Some maybe argue that there are benefits in feeding garlic to our dogs but according to medical doctors, feeding your dog onions and garlic can cause health problems and in severe cases it can lead to internal organ damage, organ failure and even death.


4. Cherries

Cherries are not considered highly toxic for your dogs and some may say that it is ok to feed in moderate with the stem and leaves removed. The stem and leaves contain cyanide which is known to be toxic to both humans and dogs and consuming in large amount can cause breathing problems. After removing the stems and leaves, the cherries might still contain some level of cyanide. Although there are some benefits in feeding Cherries, there is some risk in feeding this fruit and we would recommend feeding Apple instead. Apple has more health benefits and it can satisfy your dog’s appetite at the same time.


5. Apricot

Just like Cherries, feed in moderate with stem and leaves properly removed as cyanide is toxic to dogs.


6. Wild Mushrooms

Wild mushrooms are poisonous to dogs and when consumed, you have to bring your dog to a veterinarian immediately. Mushrooms that can be bought from supermarkets are fine, they are save for consumption for your dog but in small amounts as some dogs may develop allergic reactions.


7. Raw and Green Potatoes

You might be surprised to see Potatoes on the list as you should notice that most dog foods do contain potato as the main source of carbohydrate. In fact, there are many benefits to feeding potatoes to your dogs. But do make sure that they are cooked properly, as raw green potatoes are toxic to our dogs. Which develop symptoms like vomiting, nausea and heart problems.


8. Tomato Plants

Red tomato itself has many benefits to our dogs but the plants are toxic to our dogs. So, when feeding tomatoes to our dogs, do make sure that the tomato is ripe and have the stems and leaves properly removed. If consumed, it can cause gastrointestinal upset to our dogs.


9. Apple Seeds

Apples are good for our dogs and can be given to our dog as a healthy treat. But make sure you remove the seeds before feeding them to your dogs as apple seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides and consuming large quantities can cause tummy upsets.


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