Cats have the ability to groom themselves, and as a matter of fact, they hate to be unclean. You as a responsible cat owner, your cat’s cleanness lies squarely on your shoulders. Grooming is very important for your cat because it not only determine your cat’s cleanness but its health as well. As a cat owner, you can do some simple grooming for your cat on a regular basis before you take it to a professional pet groomer.

If you can groom your cat all by yourself, why then do you need the services of a professional groomer? Read on because as we highlight the six main reasons as to why you should have a professional cat groomer groom your cat.

Grooming Helps Your Cat To Relax

Regular grooming of your cat helps your pet to learn to relax. Bathing, combing or even trimming the nails of a cat that is nervous is a task that you can never dare to try. If you want to help your cat learn to relax, you need to take your cat regularly to the groomer for grooming sessions.

When a groomer is using the nail clipper or de-shedding tool on your cat, it is necessary that your cat should be calm. Otherwise, it might lead to injuries. Using some grooming tools like the nail clipper can be challenging if your cat is anxious and restless.

Regular grooming sessions will make your cat understand that whatever is happening to it and it will, with time learn to relax. When your cat is relaxed while the groomer is grooming it, for example, cutting its fur or clipping its nails, will help the cat to stay safe and eliminate the chances of injuries happening.

Reduces Chances Of Allergies

It is an established fact that well-groomed cats are much less prone to allergies. For example, if you let your cat out for a walk and it passes through some plants or grass and pollen grains attach to the fur of your cat if your cat is allergic to any of those pollen grains, it is likely to develop allergies.

Grooming your cat on a regular basis helps to combat the pollen grain allergies such as ragweed pollens. Whenever your cat goes out and brings this pollens, there are high chances that these allergens will get deposited on different parts of your home e.g. sofa, carpet or floor.

Bathing your cat is not the solution to the allergy problem. If you take your cat to a professional groomer, the groomer will perform a holistic grooming on your pet to make your pet free from any chances of allergies. That is not all; a professional groomer will use different grooming detergents and chemicals such as Otic solution, forceps and goose clothe to clean your cat’s ears hence ensuring that your cat is not exposed to not only allergies but also any other infectious microbes that might be hiding in the ears of your cat.

Perfectly Trimmed Fur

If you over trim the coat of your cat, it exposes your pet to many dangers including skin infection, injuries or sunburns. To avoid these dangers, a professional groomer knows what the perfect length that your cat’s hair should be so that it does not expose your cat to unforeseen risks.

A professional pet groomer has the right kind of tools which he can use to cut the fur of your cat entirely so as not to expose the skin as well help it to remain clean and healthy.

Once your cat’s coat has been trimmed, on a regular basis comb it so as to get rid of any loose fur. The benefits of a perfectly cut cat hair include a shiny coat and healthier skin.

Improved Cat Hygiene

Professional pet groomers can improve the general hygiene of your cat. As much as you are capable of bathing your cat by yourself, it does not guarantee that your pet will have good hygiene. Groomers are professionally trained hence they are capable of ensuring the maximum hygiene of your cat. The groomer will pay attention to your cat’s eyes, ears, mouth, nose and other vital body parts. A good pet hygiene is important in your home to prevent it carrying diseases and infect your loved ones at home, particularly if you have young children.

Keeps Diseases At Bay

The long hair that grows on your cat’s ears and eyes can absorb water which will act as the breeding ground of disease causing bacteria. It is therefore important that your cat get a regular grooming session with your trusted groomer regularly. Cleanliness is one of the health requirements for the well-being of your cat. That is why a regular date with your pet’s groomer is a must.

Relationship Development

A professional groomer works to establish a good relationship with your cat. Grooming is an important aspect of your cat’s routine and you will want your cat to look forward to every visit.

Your cat might be anxious naturally, or it might have had a bad grooming experience before. If you take your cat to a professional groomer, the groomer will know how to create a bond with your cat by treating it with love and respect and even talking gently to it. The groomer will ensure that your pet gets the best grooming experience. Cats just like people have different personalities; an experienced groomer will know how to handle your pet in such a way that it will feel comfortable.

In fact, if your cat has separate anxiety, you can engage professional groomer to pay you a house visit instead of going to the salon or pet shop.

Many people might think that cats do not need professional grooming when in fact, they do. Particularly if your cat has long fur, you need to upkeep it regularly to prevent its hair from being matted. Grooming for cats is not only for its health and appearance, it is also for the cleanliness of your home and the health of you and your family members.