Owning a pet is a dream for many, especially if they are looking for companions that would be them for a long time.

Nowadays, it is a trend to own pets since many see the benefits of owning one. In Singapore, for instance, at least 824,000 pets are expected to be owned by its citizens by 2016 from the 816,000 pets recorded in 2014 by Euromonitor, marking the popularity of pet ownership.

Although there are benefits in owning pets, there are instances when some pet owners may be regretting their decision. By the time your pet starts shedding their fur, it is a total nightmare to clean out of carpets, furniture and in the sink. If your pet has long fur or if they are prone to shedding huge amounts of fur, the more difficult it is to control.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the process of shedding and make it more manageable for you to handle. Here are the five best ways to control your pet’s shedding:

Frequent brushing

One of the most effective ways of sorting out your pet’s coat and preventing too much shedding is by frequently brushing their coat. Pet grooming brushes are now available in any pet shop and some are designed for specific breeds or fur types. When you pick the ones fitting your pet’s fur type and length, you can begin with the brushing. As you brush their coat, you can catch the stray hair with your brush and easily shake it off your pet. You can also use a lint roller to get the ones you missed.

However, it is ideal to do your brushing outdoors because the stray hair may end up sticking to your carpets or flying into hard to reach areas. If it is unavoidable, make sure to have a vacuum cleaner on hand to clean up the area after brushing. You should also look into the proper ways to brush your pets so you can pamper them at the same time.

If it seems like you may need some extra help, don’t hesitate to go to a grooming service or salon for your pet. The groomer assigned to your pet will easily help you brush your pet and if you request it, they will even use a lint roller to get the stray hair. They can also use a wire slicker brush to pamper your pets.

Regularly bathe them

Like us humans, pets should also be given regular baths to ensure they are clean. Give your pets warm water baths after brushing and use pet-friendly shampoos. Make sure you brush them first because it will prevent possible fur matting.

Get some advice from your pet’s veterinarian or from a pet grooming provider as to what shampoos and equipment you will need to prevent massive shedding for your pets. There are also online guides that can help give you new ideas on what to do while giving your pet a bath.

Use rubber gloves while grooming

If you watch professional groomers when they groom your pet in their salon, you may notice they are wearing rubber gloves. Rubber is excellent in picking up loose pet hair since it can produce mild static to capture it. Of course, you have to make sure your rubber gloves are clean and not too coarse for your pets.

You may also check out specialized rubber gloves designed to catch loose pet hair and even double as a brush for grooming.

Trim those easy-to-miss furs

While grooming your pet, it is important you also check out the areas you may miss like their paws, joints or behind their ears. Trim them off or brush them regularly to get rid of the loose hair.

However, before you do trim those fur off, especially the ones on their paws, make sure the situation calls for it and your pet’s breeder and groomer recommend it. Some dogs, like the Charles Spaniel, must keep their ‘hair slippers’ long since it reduces the noise their nails make when stepping on hard floors. Their hair slippers must always be brushed as well to keep it fluffy because it is one of their assets as a ‘palace breed.’

For cats, the fur on their paws acts as a radar, giving a feedback to the cat’s brain on whether the ground is hot or cold or if there are obstacles in the way. The fur also doubles as a protective cover for their paw pads in certain environments. If you like bringing your cat in cat shows, you may notice the cats have very fluffy paw hairs and it is a plus point in such events.

For cats, you can trim off their paw hair up to the level of the paw pads to retain its functions when they start licking their paws excessively, when you notice fur matting, and if your cat cannot walk properly.

Seek out the help of a professional pet groomer

If you are unable to control your pet’s shedding or you need extra tips on how to manage it, you can ask the help of a dog grooming  professional. With the popularity of pet ownership in Singapore today, several pet grooming salons and clinics have been open to accommodate the demand for pet grooming. Some of these grooming salons can even have a groomer sent to your house for a personal appointment.

Once they are with your pet, the groomer would easily identify what your pet needs and cater to it. They may even give you some advice on what to do for your pets when you groom them, especially when it is time for them to shed.


Shedding is an inevitable part of every pet’s life and as their owner, you need to be patient when it happens. Don’t see it as a nightmare to do because your pets cannot control how much they shed. With some effort, good grooming and love, you will be able to reduce your cleaning nightmare and help your pet maintain their lush fur.