There are a few important things that every dog owner needs to consider when he is looking forward to find his dog in the best health and mood. And when you are looking for a perfect dog that is happy and healthy, other than regular pet grooming, you should always pay attention towards the food that you use to offer to your dog on a daily basis. You cannot just offer your dog any food. Keep in mind that there are some restrictions for the food when you wish your dog to stay in the best health and mood. Knowing what you can and what you cannot feed to the dog can really deliver outstanding result. In this regard, you can also take advice of the experts or your vet to determine the right kind of food for your dog. Once you will stick to the most decent diet for your dog, you can really help the pet to stay happy as well as playful for a long time. Foods those are really bad for your dog needs to be identified when you have an adorable pet at your home. There are also human foods that can trigger health issues for the dog. You need to avoid these foods whatsoever.

1. Chocolate

The very first thing that you must not offer to your dog is the chocolate. There are pet owners who prefer to offer this food stuff to the dog. They seem to be quite happy when their dog uses to consume chocolate. But they never know what sort of issue this can create further. It’s the chocolate that carries caffeine as well as theobromine. These two elements can be categorized under the methylxanthines like category. And when you are offering your dog dark chocolate that means you are allowing the pet to consume both these elements in a good amount which is dangerous for the pet’s health. This can further cause into vomiting, and can even create irregular heart rate for the dog. It can also elevate the body temperature and worse it can even take the life of your dog.

2. Cow Milk

The next food stuff that you need to avoid offering your dog is the milk that are found at supermarkets. Puppies do drink milk from their mother once they are born. But you also need to keep in mind that just like the humans, dogs can suffer from the lactose intolerance. It’s the milk that carries the milk sugar and the dog’s body is not designed to break down this element. Once milk is consumed by the dog on a regular basis, this can lead the way for vomiting, gastrointestinal issues and diarrheas. Well, this is not what you can call as instant life threatening but it can surely contribute its part for triggering severe bacterial exposure for your pet. If you really need to feed your puppy milk, do get lactose free milk which can be easily found at most of the pet stores.

3. Cheese

Cheese is the next food stuff that you shouldn’t give to your dog. Cheese also contains sugars as well as fatty components that are not good for the dogs. This can create similar problems like milk once consumed by your dog in a great amount. gas, vomiting, diarrheas are the common symptoms that can occur with the dog once your pet consume cheese.

So, therefore, you need to be extra careful on giving your dog a food they love to eat. In case your need them to look good and smell good go to our Home page for more details.